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Issue Date: June 2007

'No surprises - no hidden costs'

7 June 2007

Local black empowered software solutions provider Abnoba has introduced a Managed Services solution that enables customers to do IT budget forecasts more accurately. The Managed Services solution gives Abnoba customers the security and peace of mind of 'no surprises - no hidden costs' throughout the year. The Managed Service Solution is an all inclusive agreement with service level agreement (SLA), software update solution (SUS) and the installation of upgrades.
According to Abnoba CEO Fairoz Jaffer, customers now have the ability to accurately manage their IT budgets with no unforeseen costs or surprises. “Abnoba offers customers a fixed rate to ensure their solution is running 24 X 7. It also includes loan hardware, annual software license or version protection, onsite services and installation of upgrades.”
In contrast to the typical service level agreement (SLA), customers no longer need to be concerned with the time it takes to correct a problem. Unlike the classic industry approach where new purchase orders have to be generated after a capped number of hours as prescribed by the SLA. With the innovative Managed Service Solutions, this cumbersome timely process is eliminated. This means that the system does not need to be down until a new purchase order is generated -- providing efficient and effective services for the customer.
“Furthermore, customers normally have to pay for the installation of new versions of software. This is often not planned or budgeted for,” he adds.
He says customers have responded favourably to the new offering. “The managed services approach is typically targeted at customers who require document processing or customer communication through high volume document delivery fax engines like RightFax or forms processing. A single cost upfront, all-inclusive, no hidden costs and certainly no surprises.”
Jaffer says Abnoba has the responsibility of guiding its customers through a maze of constantly changing technologies while maintaining its focus on delivering business results. “We achieve this by having the depth and experience to respond to unique challenges and opportunities. We constantly look for ways to extend the customer investment, like integrating multifunction products (HP, Xerox, Nashua, etc,) with enterprise faxing. A white paper called ‘The advantages of integrating MFPs with Fax servers’ is available in this regard.”
Abnoba urges customers to look at the benefits of the software update subscription (SUS) package. The SUS plan provides the customer with the ability to plan a fixed cost for new releases and stay updated with the latest technology. It ensures a lower cost of ownership for customers who can avoid higher upgrade costs in the future. SUS can be purchased for a one year term or multiple years at a discounted price and includes any product hot fixes and service packs, point releases and full version releases of the software as they are released.
Jaffer says customers need to understand how document delivery can enhance enterprise communication efficiency and cost-effectiveness. “Coupling our unique SLA with SUS will give the customer a well managed and planned environment allowing them to leverage their investment to the maximum. We will help clients gauge the impact on their businesses in addition to helping them actualise a true business information delivery platform which seamlessly integrates business information from virtually any application via fax, e-mail, print devices or over the Internet.”
For more information contact Fairoz Jaffer, Abnoba,

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