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Issue Date: June 2007

Aspect Software helps MTN boost contact centre performance

30 June 2007

Aspect Software has announced that MTN has seen significant contact centre management improvements in its customer service operation since migrating to session initiation protocol (SIP)-based voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and consolidating sites using Aspect Spectrum ACD. With approximately 1600 seats, MTN now boasts one of the largest IP contact centres in Africa.
MTN was operating three contact centres – Johannesburg, KwaZulu-Natal and Polokwane – to serve its pre-paid customer base, with each site having its own Aspect Spectrum ACD. Since the migration to SIP-based VoIP, these sites have been consolidated into the Johannesburg location and by implementing VoIP links to the other branch offices, the agents now work remotely as an extension of the Johannesburg system. This virtual contact centre approach has enabled the company to increase the efficiency of its contact centre workforce and deliver a better customer experience.
According to Karen Brits, manager of Telephony Systems at MTN, “Before moving to VoIP, we were utilising multisite routing, which proved to be ineffective for us due to time limitations,” said Brits. “By creating a virtual contact centre, we were able to overcome the challenge and can now better manage our pool of agents across each centre to ensure that the right agent is always available at the right time, and to give our customers the quality of service they deserve.”
In addition to Aspect Spectrum ACD, MTN uses other Aspect Software products, including:
* Aspect EnsemblePro, a unified platform which offers inbound, outbound and blended multichannel contact (voice, e-mail, Web and fax), while delivering queuing, routing, reporting and agent empowerment capabilities in a single product,

* Aspect Unison Predictive Dialer, an outbound customer contact product that integrates with existing voice and data systems and offers campaign development tools, predictive dialing, call blending, a browser-based agent desktop, realtime statistics and historical reporting.

* Aspect eWorkforce Management, a contact centre product that enables accurate planning, efficient management and optimal performance of multiskilled, multichannel, multisite and outsourced staffing resources.
Prior to implementing the virtual contact centre, MTN’s Johannesburg agents were available between 07h00 and 23h00, Polokwane agents from 06h00 to 11h00, and KwaZulu-Natal agents were available all 24 hours. Each time one contact centre required a change in its operating schedule, MTN had to make extensive changes in its contact centre systems.
“Now, using Aspect eWorkforce Management, we are seeing a huge positive impact on how we manage things like schedule changes. It is as easy as knowing agents are available if they are visible online,” said Brits. ”In our virtual centre, scheduling is simpler and the VoIP migration has made the contact centre completely flexible.”
For more information contact Henry McCracken, Aspect Software,

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