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Issue Date: January 2000 (es)

Foster-Melliar, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Secure IT to sponsor Info Sec Africa 2000

1 January 2000

It seems that change is the one constant in the world of information security. Yesterday the problem was internal, today as your organisation migrates its business to the Internet, attacks involving outsiders are on the increase. The cost and difficulty of locking up information securely can only be appreciated by those engaged in the task. Keeping one-step ahead of change just adds to the ever-burgeoning list on the desk pad of the security officer.
"Historian Arnold Toynbee once said that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it," comments Eugene Schultz, Research Director and trusted security advisor at Global Integrity, USA. "The info security field does not have a long past, tracing its origin back only to about 1970. During this relatively short period, genuine advances in infosecurity have been few, while mistakes and misconceptions have been repeated over and over again - particularly in the areas of risk analysis, encryption, intrusion detection and incident response."
Leading US Security Consultant, William H. Murray agrees, "The decisions we make today will determine the security and efficiency of tomorrow's social infrastructure. Even if the public would tolerate it, we do not have time to repeat all the mistakes of the past".
2nd Annual Info Sec Africa Conference
Keeping ahead of all the current trends in infosecurity, is the 2nd Annual Info Sec Africa conference - designed for today's 'multitasking' security practitioner! Following the success of the event in early February last year, Info Sec Africa 2000 will run from 27-29 March 2000 at Gallagher Estate, Midrand.
The conference, sponsored by Foster-Melliar, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Secure IT, will address the most pressing issues in security from leading international and local practitioners. Eugene Schultz and William H Murray both leading IT security consultants in the USA, New Scotland Yard Computer Fraud Unit and the Computer Security Institute (CSI) of the USA will all be presenting at the event.
Highlights of the programme include pre-conference training sessions on the first day of the event:
* Preferred security practice for e-commerce.

* Intrusion detection and countermeasures.

* Advanced authentication techniques.

* Understanding content security.
Other issues to be addressed include:
* Security as a business enabler.

* Intrusion detection and instant response.

* Security administration in a de-centralised environment plus case studies covering outsourcing, security policies, the national lottery, cyber crime-British style, the CSI/FBI Computer Crime Survey 2000 and much more. Keep ahead of change!
For details contact the event organisers, Jo Yuill of Mantis Networks on tel: (011) 784 2640 or e-mail:; or Alexia Jones of TKT on tel: (011) 807 9850 or e-mail:
Visit the conference website at

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