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Issue Date: July 2007

APC-MGE expands Universal Notebook Battery family

1 July 2007

APC-MGE has announced two additions to its line of mobile accessories, the APC Universal Notebook Battery 50 and 70 designed to enhance the availability of power for mobile. Lightweight and portable, APC-MGE's Universal Notebook Batteries are the only external notebook batteries designed to operate in a notebook case or beneath a laptop computer, giving mobile users more runtime for their computers while travelling.
"APC-MGE is pleased to continue offering mobile users more ways to power critical electronic devices, such as notebook computers," says Giuseppe Candito, APC-MGE's EMEA Consumer Product marketing manager. "With the introduction of the Universal Notebook Battery 50 and 70 APC-MGE provides consumers with power options that allow them to remain available and productive while travelling."
These new models feature the following capabilities:
* Universal Notebook Battery 50 - is an external power supply that provides up to four hours of additional runtime depending on the notebook model and its performance settings. Weighing just more than 450 g (just under a pound), the Universal Notebook Battery 50 fits easily in a notebook case or next to the computer in tight spaces, such as on an aeroplane tray table.
* Universal Notebook Battery 70 - is a slim external battery designed to fit easily under a notebook computer and provide up to six hours of additional runtime depending on the notebook model and its performance settings. An integrated USB port supplies a 5 V power source for USB-powered mobile devices using the manufacturer cables; however, APC-MGE recommends the use of its USB charging cables (sold separately) to ensure compatibility.
Easy to set up and use, APC-MGE's Universal Notebook Batteries are compatible with most leading brands of notebook computers, include a variety of 'notebook tips' and allow users to select the required voltage. An Input/Output power port provides a simple way to charge and power the Universal Notebook Batteries using an APC-MGE Universal Power Adapter or the original OEM notebook power adapter. The Universal Notebook Battery 70 use lithium polymer battery cells, an advanced battery technology with a high power density, to create a compact, lightweight solution with high power output. They are ideal for long business trips or charging the battery of a notebook when AC power is not available.
In addition to standalone use, the Universal Notebook Batteries work with APC-MGE's entire family of Power Ready Notebook Cases, which have special pockets to hold mobile devices and offer cable routing to neatly hide charging cables. The Power Ready Notebook Cases help individuals keep all of their mobile devices charged, organised and easily accessible while on the go.
For more information contact Jacqui Gradwell, +27 (0)11 465 5414,

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