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Issue Date: January 2000 (es)

NAI partners with Intel for e-business security

1 January 2000

Network Associates has announced the addition of Intel Corporation to its strategic e-business security alliances with hardware vendors, a list that already includes industry leaders such as Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard.
In this newest alliance, Network Associates, market share leader in the Internet security software market (IDC Research, July 1999), will collaborate with Intel on the development of complementary technologies aimed at making e-business security easier.
"By combining our efforts, Network Associates and Intel will extend the boundaries of e-business by creating products that give customers secure global data communications on a world of trusted platforms," said Brenda Crook, Country Manager: Africa at Net Tools Network Associates. "Combining Network Associates and Intel's market leading expertise represents a clear win for corporate customers worldwide."
Development teams at Network Associates and Intel are working together to enhance security for users on Intel platforms. Network Associates' expertise in security technologies such as encryption, anti-virus and intrusion detection, and Intel's CPU and motherboard expertise will be utilised to form better solutions for end users. Network Associates will utilise this information to provide increased ease of use and performance to users of its security software.
Future versions of leading Network Associates' security offerings will also include options to utilise the new features being developed by Intel, providing users with increased performance and usability through the integration of these complementary application and hardware security solutions.
The first deliverables
The first products delivered by this relationship will include Network Associates' support of the Intel Random Number Generator (RNG) in its industry-leading PGP E-Business Server, PGP VPN and PGP Data Security product lines of encryption and authentication products.
The PGP encryption technology will include the option to support the hardware-based RNG in Intel 8xx series chipsets. The random numbers created by Intel's RNG provides an efficient, reliable and flexible alternative for generating the cryptographic keys that give developers and customers the added encryption and security protocols necessary to protect their data.
For details contact Brenda Crook, Country Manager: Africa for Net Tools Network Associates on tel: (011) 706 1629.

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