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Issue Date: January 2000 (es)

Raid on software pirates leads to R130 000 settlement

1 January 2000

A software piracy settlement of R130 000 in respect of the possession and use of unlawful software was recently reached between the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and Worcs (27 Nov 1999). The settlement follows a raid made on the company due to a lead being passed on to the BSA legal counsel via the BSA Hotline.
The raid was conducted by an audit team consisting of five representatives from the BSA and their legal counsel Spoor and Fisher, a networking specialist and four IT experts. Management of Worcs were approached with a court order by the Sheriff and two representatives from the BSA legal counsel, granting the BSA audit team permission to search the premises.
Legal counsel to BSA Spoor and Fisher representative Megan Reimers says, "In terms of the settlement agreement, Worcs are to pay R130 000 in damages. They have bound themselves to legalise all software and will be subject to auditing by the BSA for the next three years. Default could mean the payment of substantially more in liquidated damages."
BSA chairman, Mark Reynolds commenting on the raid said that noncompliant volume licensing was one of the more common forms of software theft. "This raid coincides with our recent drive to step up anti-piracy activities by offering a reward to hotline informants. I would certainly like to see the informant being rewarded for his action. I will encourage other informants to come forward with leads," notes Reynolds.
For details contact Mark Reynolds on tel: (011) 257 0436, fax: (011) 257 0437 or e-mail:

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