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Issue Date: January 2000 (es)

RSA Security joins Compaq, HP, Intel, IBM and Microsoft in alliance to enhance trust in PCs

1 January 2000

RSA Security has added its name and expertise to the growing roster of industry leaders forming the trusted computing platform alliance (TCPA), an industry group whose goal is to establish a new hardware and software specification that technology companies can use to offer more trusted and secure personal computers for conducting e-business.
The company will work alongside founding members Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel and Microsoft to simplify the deployment, use and manageability of security technologies by enhancing and standardising security at the level of the platform hardware, BIOS and operating system.
"We fully support the efforts of the TCPA and look forward to working with its members in creating an open standard for implementing the intrinsic hardware and software underpinnings necessary to make e-security pervasive and to establish trust in e-business," said Scott Schnell, Senior Vice President of RSA Security. "TCPA's mission closely parallels our own, and we believe our unique experience and perspective on the e-security industry and technologies will be a valuable asset to this organisation."
In a statement issued, the TCPA's founding members expressed their support for RSA Security's participation in the organisation: "Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel and Microsoft are pleased that RSA Security has decided to join the trusted computing platform alliance. The TCPA believes RSA Security will provide valuable contributions to the developing specification regarding PC security solutions for e-business."
Goal of the new alliance
The goal of the new alliance is to create a base-level security specification that would complement existing technologies - such as X.509, IPSEC, IKE, VPN, PKI, smartcards, biometrics, S/MIME and SSL - and enhance security at the PC platform level. Such a specification does not currently exist. The alliance aims to create a specification proposal, by the second half of 2000, that can be licensed openly to the industry through appropriate verification and implementation processes.
The alliance expects that the specification will help to define security operations in several critical areas. Areas currently under investigation by the alliance include protected storage of confidential information, generation of random numbers used to create public and private encryption keys, and electronic signing of data used to authenticate the identity of the sender.
Recognising that privacy is extremely important, the TCPA will aim to create a specification that allows computer owners to maintain complete control over information contained by the system. In addition, the group is investigating how to build stronger integrity into systems by enhancing virus detection to validate beyond the software level; check the hardware BIOS, master boot record and operating system; and supply platform integrity information.
For details contact Sharon Hedges, Marketing Manager Europe, Middle East & Africa of RSA Security on tel: (0944) 11 89 36 27 44.

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