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Issue Date: January 2000 (es)

neusciences integrates multiple biometrics methodologies into smartcard-based security solutions

1 January 2000

New intelligent solutions business venture, neusciences, has announced the ability to customise complete multilevel biometrics solutions for the finance and security industries. Using a variety of methodologies, including vein and face recognition - and soon voice - neusciences will deliver biometrics-based turnkey solutions - including hardware and software - that can be downloaded onto today's multi-application Java cards.
Additionally, the company will embed this technology into existing access control solutions, to significantly increase security levels.
The best mix of suitable biometrics?
Selecting suitable biometrics methods for access control requires more than just hardware and software. It requires a knowledge and understanding of the merits of the best mix of suitable biometrics for each application.
For example, vein and face recognition are more applicable to access control at ATM machines, to on-line computer security, or to the protection of vulnerable groups of people at schools, hospitals, care homes, etc. Voice recognition can be quickly and unobtrusively applied to mobile phone security and telephone banking as well as access control to restricted areas.
"As computer and communications technologies allow banks, stores, offices and factories to provide services remotely, the ability to conduct face-to-face security checks is eliminated and needs to be replaced by new techniques," observes John Davies, Marketing Manager of neusciences. "As biometrics moves from the innovation phase into adoption phase, it offers the obvious replacement, and neusciences is ready to deliver cost-effective end-to-end smartcard-based solutions."
Embedded intelligent technologies
Building on its expertise in the application of embedded intelligent technologies, neusciences has successfully transferred BTG's (British Technology Group) vein recognition technology from the laboratory into a fully working prototype. The company is the leader of a face recognition project at Bournemouth University, and has successfully distinguished one voice from about a dozen others, with all relevant recognition information stored compactly in smart card memory.
The application of biometrics security methods to any form of access control requires capture hardware - such as video camera for vein and face, microphone for voice - analysis software for enrolment, training and smartcard loading, and query software for access control. neusciences has developed a downloadable intelligent biometrics engine capable of on-card processing several different methodologies, simplifying the creation of ultra-secure access control mechanisms based on multiple biometrics.
Software support crucial
Supporting the biometrics engine is software for each methodology. Vein recognition uses easily available 'web-cam' technology with enhanced illumination to accentuate veins in the back of the enrolee's hand. Enrolment software processes the image utilising advanced matching techniques to provide the baseline for the query process. neusciences has developed a vein check technology demonstrator incorporating a suitable camera, hood and smartcard reader.
"Vein recognition is the only current biometrics technology capable of very low false accept/reject rates over long periods of time," notes Peter Hawkes, Chairman of the Association of Biometrics. "The neusciences approach has the ability to link this powerful technique with other biometrics, further increasing security levels."
Face recognition operates in a similar fashion but uses one second of captured video stream of the enrolee's head as the base data. Intelligent modelling techniques are then used to process the video stream images to create the data necessary for the query process.
neusciences is currently building an extensive database of accept/reject rates for this technology by conducting trials with industry and local community groups. Face recognition offers immense opportunities in computer security as, unlike passwords or thumbprints which are entered once for each session, can continually monitor that the person logged in is still the current user.
For details contact Raj Kallu, Marketing Coordinator, neusciences, on tel: (0944) 1703 664 011, fax: (0944) 1703 663 730 or e-mail:

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