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Issue Date: July 2007

Google Analytics stales again

31 July 2007
Kevin Murphy

Google's website audience measurement service, Google Analytics, continues to suffer from frequent technical problems, according to the company's logs.
The latest problem, a reporting delay that emerged over the weekend, is merely the latest blush for the service, which is widely considered to be not yet enterprise-ready.
"There is a temporary reporting delay within Google Analytics accounts. For most accounts, reporting is current through this past Saturday night," Google's Jeff Gillis wrote on the company blog.
What this translates to is stale data - users would be able to log in, but would not be able to see who had been visiting their sites in the last two days.
The weekend of 7 July, server downtime meant users were not able to create and log into new accounts, according to a Google posting a few days later.
Last week, there were processing delays that lasted a few hours.
The week before that, processing delays lasting 'several hours' affected many users.
In fact, the service has been hit by one kind of problem or another once or twice a month all year.
In May, the analyst firm CMS Watch described Google Analytics as 'not yet enterprise ready', due not to a lack of features but to poor support, documentation and a lack of APIs.
The service was marred by problems since launch. Last year, there were many reports of people abandoning the service after they found that the embedded JavaScript agent Google uses to collect data was stalling due to downtime, creating a drag on their own sites.
Source: Computergram

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