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Issue Date: August 2007

PMSight PM Revolution manages projects from idea generation to benefits realisation

9 August 2007

PMSight has announced PM Revolution - the core technology for PPMs today. PM Revolution is an end-to-end solution which helps enterprises quickly implement and expand the Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution with a pre-configured instance of the Microsoft Office stack. The solution incorporates industry-specific standards, best practices and enterprise strength visualisation and integration.
PM Revolution is developed, distributed and supported in South Africa by PMSight. The product leverages the underlying Microsoft technologies, particularly the rich collaborative features of Windows Sharepoint Services 3 and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services 2007. Additionally PM Revolution accommodates an integrated information repository across the disparate Microsoft databases, SAP, cost data and additional LOB repositories to provide a single launch pad to enable powerful data analytics and visualisation spanning the entire project lifecycle.
Paul Viviers, managing director of PM Sight, believes that the PM Revolution project consolidation and visualisation capability ensures that clients improve their ability to deliver on projects without adding additional burden to their team. The product squarely addresses the challenges enterprise customers have around establishing greater control over their multitude of projects and maximising the return on their investments, by providing organisations with technology that can drive project and task automation in conjunction with performance monitoring across their systems. PM Revolution enables organisations to base decisions on performance, more closely monitor performance, and provides 'look-ahead' capabilities so proactive decisions can be taken before projects get into trouble.
"With PM Revolution, we are delivering the industry's most comprehensive PPM management solution for enterprises looking to control their existing projects while planning for future projects," says Paul Viviers.
Viviers maintains that Project Management Offices (PMOs) cannot manage tomorrow's business projects with yesterday's technologies and while other competitors continue to pave where the path is worn, PMSight continues to innovate and anticipate future PMO demands.
"PMSight understands the need for clients to improve the organisational maturity through improvements to technology, processes, people and governance structures. We believe that these components should grow at an equal rate to enable overall maturity growth. For this reason, PM Revolution is modular and highly configurable, and can be, based on clients' needs, implemented and configured in a number of different ways" concludes Viviers.
For a demonstration of PM Revolution please contact PM Sight, +27 (0)11 656 0980.

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