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Issue Date: August 2007

Compuware Changepoint delivers business-centric IT management

16 August 2007

Compuware Corporation has announced the release of Changepoint 12, the latest version of its IT Portfolio Management solution. This new version delivers significant enhancements that help IT organisations to ensure continued business alignment, to deliver maximum business impact and to foster effective engagement with business stakeholders.
"Changepoint provides us with the comprehensive ability to automate IT processes and to involve business constituents at key points in those processes," said Avery Cloud, CIO of New Hanover Regional Medical Center. "Version 12 extends Compuware's leadership in delivering a truly business-focused IT management solution."
Version 12 allows for the definition of decision-making scenarios encompassing existing and potential demand on IT, with graphical comparisons. Version 12 also extends the Web-based Client Portal to facilitate active participation by clients involved in key business processes. Additionally, this new version provides web-based resource leveling and management of project dependencies, allowing IT organisations to optimise resource use and to be more responsive to business change.
"IT organisations globally are striving to improve alignment with the business by improving collaboration and engagement with each line of business in the enterprise," said Daniel Stang, principal analyst of Gartner. "Improved alignment with the business is a key criteria by which IT delivers value and is ultimately evaluated by the business."
Changepoint 12 is the first solution to offer the ability to create decision-making scenarios that encompass the full spectrum of IT activity, including projects, planned work and request-driven work.
These comprehensive scenarios, which reflect current business realities, are analysed through a new graphical interface that enables comparison through detailed bar, pie, bubble, line and Gantt charts. These new capabilities enable dynamic 'what if' analysis to facilitate the evaluation of strategic alternatives and to drive decision making across all of its various portfolios.
In addition, Changepoint 12 extends the Client Portal to a comprehensive platform that enables active customer engagement across the entire IT investment lifecycle. The Client Portal now enables business users to participate throughout the IT-business process, from the submitting of business cases to the approval of final funding, change requests and work requests. Changepoint 12 also provides powerful, practical web-based resource-leveling capabilities and support for project dependencies to enable optimal resource allocation and sophisticated program management across complex project portfolios in a changing environment--ensuring maximum business impact.
Changepoint 12, coupled with Compuware's recently announced Changepoint Supply and Demand Accelerator, is the industry's most complete solution for effective IT management. The Changepoint Supply and Demand Accelerator delivers a comprehensive starting point for an IT Management implementation including prepackaged business metrics, process automation, templates, management portlets and reports based on industry standards such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and organisational best practices. Compuware's recently announced Rapid Path services offering enables IT organisations to get started with the solution within 30 days, ensuring customers begin realising immediate value from their investment in Changepoint.
To read the press release announcing the Compuware Changepoint Supply and Demand Accelerator and Rapid Path Service Offering, please visit:

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