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Issue Date: August 2007

Integr8 IT’s Realtime expansion into Africa

16 August 2007

Integr8 IT has entered into a partnership with Realtime Africa to expand integrated network services into the continent.
Reatime Africa has been actively involved in developing its business throughout Africa for 27 years. It operates within the IT infrastructure marketplace and has offices in Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and affiliates in other key regions.
To date, as a result of the partnership, Integr8 IT has entered into several service level agreements with business across Botswana and Zambia. The company is presently looking to break into the Zimbabwe ICT and telecommunications market.
“Over the last three years we have become very focused on providing integrated network services. This focus started in Zambia and we have now implemented nationwide ISP through which we provide e-mail, Internet, VPN, firewall/security, anti-virus, monitoring and other value added services,” explains Ron Hyslop, Realtime Africa. “This has been established in Zimbabwe and we do have rollout plans for our other offices.”
“Integr8 IT is a leader in its field and has a proven track record in the provision of integrated network services. We are excited about the value our partnership will provide existing and emerging markets throughout Africa,” adds Hyslop.
Robert Sussman, joint MD at Integr8 IT, is equally confident about the difference this alliance will make to businesses in Africa that continue to invest in network infrastructure, related services and support.
“If one looks at the scope of services being provided by Realtime Africa, there is immediate synergy between the company and Integr8 IT in addressing core market requirements. This partnership is being established at a time when there is a definite push towards integrated network services from companies, service providers and organisations within developing countries,” adds Sussman. “The main reason is because of the cost reduction associated with a centralised, integrated environment.”
Both Sussman and Hyslop acknowledge that the timing of this venture could not be better. The short term objective, says Sussman, is to generate awareness of the alliance and advantages such as connectivity to the Integr8 IT nerve centre, access to managed services, the experience and expertise of Realtime Africa, and proactive technical support and inhouse skills base of both companies.
“The alliance will target existing and potential clients, and then implement and adapt the strategy as we go along,” Sussman continues.
For more information contact Robert Sussman,

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