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Issue Date: August 2007

Faritec clinches three-year contract with MTN

30 August 2007

Cellular giant MTN has awarded a three-year contract for the management of its software assets to Faritec, the JSE-listed solutions and services company. The value of the deal was not disclosed.
Using its LicenceRight methodology, Faritec will manage all MTN's Microsoft software assets in South Africa and East Africa. Eric Roberts, CIO of MTN, says Faritec won the business based on its ability to add value, exemplary track record and competitive pricing.
"Software asset management has become far more complex and business critical, compelling large organisations like MTN to adopt a more structured approach to reduce risk and cut costs," Roberts says. "We are confident that using Faritec's services will enable us to optimise this valuable resource."
In managing MTN's Microsoft software assets, Faritec will take into account a number of crucial issues including agreement types and terms, volumes, compliancy, pricing, ownership, exchange rate fluctuation, software asset management, software asset audits, corporate risk and technology deployment.
LicenceRight is a total software asset management and licensing solution which comprehensively addresses an organisation's software requirements, offering peace of mind to IT managers and cost savings to the organisation itself.
"It removes uncertainty from the equation. Faritec's Software Asset Management team accurately profiled our business first to ensure our needs and requirements were understood," Roberts says. "They also established a procedure for acquiring, deploying, using and supporting our Microsoft software - a key element of which is adhering to software licensing agreements. Even more important, Faritec will address legal liability and compliance issues, enabling us to mitigate risk, leverage cost savings and adopt a more flexible business approach."
Faritec's approach involves a six-step consultative process as well as the implementation of a management system that audits MTN's Microsoft software, automatically monitors ongoing software purchases, and selects the best possible pricing structure.
Following a pre-inception workshop, Faritec conducted an extensive due diligence licence audit across MTN's operations in South and East Africa. A physical audit was performed which involved visiting every site in every region, finding every piece of computer hardware at that site, and recording each item of Microsoft software running on each machine.
Subsequent phases of the process include a full records audit, verification and a gap analysis to highlight any discrepancies between what software assets actually exist and what is on record.
The results of the audit will not only give an accurate snapshot of MTN's Microsoft environment, but provide a clear indication of the steps that need to be taken for complete software licensing compliance.

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