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Issue Date: October 2007

Central African Gold goes ERP

1 October 2007

Central African Gold opts for ACCPAC ERP for mining tailored to their specific needs.
Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a difficult decision for any business. In spite of this, Central African Gold decided to implement ACCPAC ERP for mining last June, convinced of its ability to provide a mining-specific ERP solution that would facilitate their operations from workflow to business intelligence.
In mining, the ability to obtain accurate production information from all areas, such as shafts, open pits, tailings or stocks, is as important as agile management of the workflow. It is an industry that requires constant monitoring and production control.
Central African Gold’s previous solution deprived them of this critical control as their IT infrastructure was unable to provide them with realtime reporting from the chain. “Efficient reporting ultimately affects profitability as it has immediate impact on pricing and enables quick adjustments in production volume,” explains Jeremy Waterman, managing director: Softline ACCPAC.
Jeremy Waterman, managing director: Softline ACCPAC
Jeremy Waterman, managing director: Softline ACCPAC
The company’s other critical need was to develop predictive asset management. Mining production relies on huge assets. This means that asset costs are tracked from acquisition to disposal, together with a comprehensive history of each specific asset. “Mining companies need to ascertain lifecycle financial profitability for all equipment to ensure the overall productivity of the company and plan for future acquisitions,” comments Waterman.
For both these reasons, Central African Gold decided to migrate to ACCPAC ERP for mining with Softline Accpac business partner AccTech Systems. Its decision was based on observation of Softline ACCPAC’s similar experience with other mining companies and AccTech Systems’ locally developed workflow solution. Central African Gold was confident that the implementation of their new ERP and transition from their dated solution would be eased by this experienced partner, who would lead the whole process from architecting to training.
After a training period of just two weeks, Central African Gold was already able to see significant results. “We did not have to wait long to see the benefits of our new ERP solution. To start with, we now receive automatic reports giving us an accurate overview of production, costs and procurement, cutting the time we use to spend aggregating data,” says Mark Rosslee, CFO, financial and IT director.
Training is essential when such a transition takes place as people have to adapt to new ways of working. Even if the ERP system actually speeds up operations, it may initially appear overwhelming. “Training is aimed at quickly overcoming the challenge created by such a transition – which is where our previous mining experience gave us an additional competitive advantage,” says Waterman.
“Our next goal is to extend the rollout to the rest of our Group, and then add a more specific business intelligence solution. Working with efficient software that does it all for you is addictive!” concludes Rosslee.

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