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Issue Date: October 2007

Internet Solutions reports massive growth in VOIP take up

4 October 2007

Internet Solutions (IS) is now servicing nearly 2000 voice sites for their customers.
"In the 12 months since October 2006, we have nearly doubled our voice minutes to approximately 17,5 million per month," says Greg Hatfield, manager of VoIS Solutions at IS. "We currently have over 80 000 users on our network with more than 50 Mb of international voice VPNs (virtual private networks) - mainly for call centre customers."
(VoIS stands for 'Voice over Internet Solutions' and is a play on the acronym VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol.) To date, IS has signed up 2000 voice sites with over 1700 of them currently live.
Hatfield says corporate customers and call centres need quality and reliability, not just cheaper calls. "To achieve this, the infrastructure and technology needs to be proven and stable," he says.
IS offers a variety of VoIS solutions for corporate customers, including:
* VoIS community: calling branches of the same company and other VoIS customers over the VoIS network.
* VoIS national: national calls over the VoIS network.
* VoIS cellular: cellular calls over the VoIS network.
* VoIS global: international calls over the VoIS network.
* VoIS extend: International travellers call a UK fixed line number and are connected to a predetermined VoIS community destination in SA.
* IS ADSL VoIS: Save money on your phone bill by using your IS ADSL line.
In order to achieve the quality and reliability expected by customers, all of the converged voice phone services are delivered over the IS Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. This network, which offers 'quality of service' (QoS), is designed to carry both voice and data traffic in different 'classes of service' (CoS). VoIS customers can choose the individual components of the service they require, and change or add further components as they grow and their needs change.

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