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Issue Date: October 2007

Employee self service - a new dimension in HR

31 October 2007

Appreciation and development of people in the workplace is gaining momentum. Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys, a national provider of HR and payroll management software and solutions, refers to the increase in adoption of enhanced internal information and operational control systems as evidence of this trend.
Schroenn believes corporate South Africa at large is paying more attention to the value derived from radically improved HR management systems, specifically in areas which encourage and facilitate direct input from the employee.
"As a recognised service provider in this market space we regularly receive feedback from clients who experience a surge in their company's general performance. The common denominator is technology and the benefits of strategically placed infrastructure or systems that work off input from users," says Schroenn. "If we look at the concept of empowering staff to take responsibility and initiative with HR and payroll functions, it is clear that not only is there advancement in systems development and distribution, but investors are taking ownership of infrastructure and are implementing strategy to extract maximum benefit."
Accsys recently celebrated its 25th year of service to the market and has continuously strengthened its employee self service (ESS) module within its acclaimed Peopleware solution to meet corporate requirements. ESS was devised to provide a secure, automated but easily managed platform through which employees could take initiative and engage with management to speedily and accurately help direct HR/payroll-related processes and procedures.
These processes include everything from leave application; management of leave and payroll history, booking training and personal information to performance management. Accsys has structured its ESS module to incorporate a number of features that are designed to assist HR, line and payroll managers.
These key characteristics of the technology include workflow of all requests to management for approval or rejection; a view of all payslips for the current tax year as well as management of leave requests and history. From a technical point of view, Accsys has engineered a platform-independent module (runs off Microsoft Windows and Linux) that allows for load-balancing between managers, is Web-driven and facilitates changes through a workflow process.
"The advent of legislation aimed at establishing good governance within companies, skills development and recruitment, as well as innovation in technology and adoption, we anticipate that the role of HR within companies will evolve and play an even greater role than it does at present. This solution is designed to ease the pressure for HR and payroll departments," Schroenn concludes.

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