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Issue Date: November 2007

Borland runs the Gauntlet

1 November 2007

The Borland division at Workgroup has announced the local availability of Borland’s continuous build and test automation product that generates realtime visibility and metrics across the entire delivery lifecycle.
“Gauntlet is a continuous build and test product that supports effective lifecycle quality management (LQM) by enabling organisations to continuously track, measure and improve software quality throughout the application lifecycle,” says Grant van Eck, Borland product manager at Workgroup. “Gauntlet advances software delivery by instituting quality controls within existing version control processes. These controls, or ‘gauntlets’, enable development teams to identify and isolate problems earlier in the application lifecycle, when their impact can be minimised, by automatically inspecting development artefacts every time a change is made or at desired intervals.”
The solution has been developed from the ground up to adhere to Borland’s Open application lifecycle management (ALM) product strategy, designed to support the integration of a wide range of development and testing tools while still providing a unified view of all quality metrics. It also integrates with other configuration management products – including Borland Star Team, CVS and Subversion – automatically running ‘gauntlets’ against code as developers check changes into the system. Gauntlet supports a growing number of third-party and open source integrations that enable customers to test for a broad range of potential defects – from code complexity and readability to security vulnerabilities or licence compliance. Additionally, Gauntlet makes it easy for ­customers to add or create their own customer ‘gauntlets’, all of which feed metrics into centralised Gauntlet dashboards.
For more information contact Grant van Eck, Workgroup, +27 (0)11 654 6191,

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