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Issue Date: February 2001 (es)

Biometrics and smartcards combine to create new personal authentication peripherals

1 February 2001

VELOCIT-e has announced the launch of Veridicom's compact 5th Sense Combo peripheral which combines a highly accurate fingerprint sensor with a smartcard reader for ultra secure authentication. The Combo's multifactor authentication approach - something you have, something you know, plus something you are - brings a whole new level of trust and accountability to network, intranet and Internet authentication. The 5th Sense Combo peripheral represents a simple, user-friendly device for strong authentication that can be used as a fingerprint reader, smartcard reader, or both.
Plug-and-play peripheral
The 5th Sense Combo peripheral plugs into a USB or parallel port (a parallel pass-through connector is provided) for use with any Windows-based PC or laptop computer. The Combo combines a convenient vertical smartcard reader slot and an integrated Veridicom fingerprint sensor chip into a very small footprint - 4,5 x 2,6" - making it ideal for logon or other PC applications.
Eliminate passwords and PIN administration
To logon, one simply inserts a smartcard into the upright card slot and places one's fingerprint on the built-in, solid-state fingerprint sensor chip. As an option, one can also enter a personal identification number (PIN) to unlock the card. In less than a second, a high-resolution, highly accurate image of the fingerprint is read and a geometric pattern or template is extracted, based on the unique ridges and valleys of each fingerprint.
This template must match the template stored on the smartcard before the user can gain access to networks, workstations or databases. Passwords or PINs can be completely eliminated if special smartcards are used with Veridicom's Match-on-card technology. With Match-on-card, the match takes place on the smartcard and the enrolled fingerprint template never leaves the smartcard.
Secure data transfer
Veridicom's advanced SecureLink encryption technology protects all communications between the Combo peripheral and the host Windows systems. Each fingerprint image file is scrambled every time a fingerprint pattern is acquired. It is then securely transferred to the host computer system for decryption. The SecureLink feature protects systems from a variety of hacker ploys, including replay, man-in-the-middle, and sniffing attacks.
Applications include:
* PC or laptop computer security.

* Enhanced smartcard security by requiring a fingerprint and not just a PIN.

* Improved security and efficiency for e-commerce and point-of-sale transactions.

* Authentication for single sign-on to multiple applications.

* Enhanced security for PKI.

* Improved access control to networks, PCs and the Internet.

* Provides portable, secure credentials on smartcards.

* Eliminates passwords or PINs when using Veridicom's Match-on-card technology.

* Authentication for home banking.
For details contact Clive Handley of VELOCIT-e on tel: (011) 258 6900, fax: (011) 258 6939 or e-mail:

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