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Issue Date: January 2008

Bizhub, now with embedded document accounting

24 January 2008

With the holiday season behind us, there are bound to be plenty of digital photographs doing the rounds at the office. Many of these will make their way to the office's colour printer. One way to avoid the enormous costs relating to miscellaneous use of multifunctional office devices is to ensure there is a document accounting system in place.
Instead of offering third party hardware for document accounting, Bidvest Group company, Konica Minolta South Africa (KMSA), now offers its customers secure print and accounting features embedded in its bizhub range.
KMSA Professional Services product manager, Mohammed Vachiat, says KMSA secured the exclusive rights to distribute document accounting solution, Pcounter, in South Africa earlier this year. "Now we offer our customers the same benefits via our Pcounter embedded solution," he says.
Vachiat says because document production can account for about 10% of a company's annual spend, being able to effectively curtail waste and misuse of print devices can dramatically benefit the bottom line.
"Pcounter is designed to help companies curb costs relating to printing, copying, faxing and scanning.
"It is a flexible and highly scalable network server-based document management and accounting solution that provides a wide range of cost control, cost recovery and security capabilities. All Konica Minotla devices that support OpenAPI can support embedded Pcounter," says Vachait.
Pcounter benefits include total document accountability, that is, who printed what, where, when and how many copies; accurate assessment of print volumes across all print devices; cost savings through the elimination of waste and misuse; monitors and enforces defined print policy; cost recovery options for academic and professional services; total control across charging environments; and security and confidentiality of output.
Additional features and benefits of embedded Pcounter include:
* Secure Print, which allows the user to release print jobs at any Konica Minolta device.

* Integrates and validates user ID in Microsoft AD and Novell NDS.

* Validates user credit level before giving access to device (Adademic).

* Tracks and logs all activity on the device (print, copy, scan and fax).

* Project and client codes can be entered on the Konica Minolta User Interface.

* Card-readers can be added to the solution so users can identify themselves via their security cards.

* Centrally managed.

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