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Issue Date: January 2008

HP expands entry-level server portfolio for midsize companies

31 January 2008

HP has announced new servers, application solution blueprints and enhanced remote management software that can help midsize companies reduce operating costs while supporting their growth.
The company's entry-level server portfolio now includes four new HP ProLiant server platforms that help midsize customers with limited space, budgets and IT staff. The servers' easy-to-use tools guide users through system configuration for fast installation so customers can focus on what matters most - growing their businesses.
HP also has developed new Midmarket Business Solutions that cut the time and effort needed for customers and channel partners to either create or upgrade critical business applications for entry-level ProLiant servers.
Additionally, HP is helping customers save time and increase staff productivity by enhancing its Lights-Out 100 Remote Management capability with upgrades to ensure affordable remote server control.
The new products and solutions are part of HP's Adaptive Infrastructure portfolio, which helps customers of all sizes reap the benefits of an infrastructure tailored to their business requirements.
"HP is aggressively focused on creating technologies that reduce complexity for midsize customers at every step," said Andrew McNiven, Industry Standard Servers business unit manager, HP. "With these new products and solutions tailored to address their needs, midsize customers do not have to be IT experts to keep their businesses up and running."
Expanded entry-level portfolio broadens customer choice
The four new platforms in the HP ProLiant entry-level portfolio are dense, high-capacity servers that improve data availability while protecting against data loss with embedded Serial ATA (SATA) Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID). In addition, these servers feature a high-efficiency power supply option which helps lower electricity costs.
The new lineup includes:
* HP ProLiant DL180 G5 - the DL180 is a low-cost, two-processor (2P) 2U server, offering the newest Intel quad-core architecture, three PCI-E slots, optional redundant power supplies, up to 12 large form factor hot plug drives and 9 terabytes (TB) of storage.
* HP ProLiant DL185 G5 - this new 2P 2U is a low-cost server with high capacity making it ideal for mail and messaging, video capture, online gaming and high-performance computing. The DL185 features up to 14 large form factor hot plug drives, 10,5 TB of storage, dual network interface cards (NICs), three PCI-Express slots and optional redundant power supplies.
* HP ProLiant DL165 G5 - the DL165 is a 2P 1U server that offers an outstanding combination of price, performance and flexibility. In an industry first, the DL165 features four 3,5-inch hard disk drives for demanding application needs or capacity requirements.
* HP ProLiant DL160 G5 - announced in November but now available, the DL160 G5 is designed to meet the needs of midsize customers with high-performance computing environments, as its dense 2P 1U form factor is optimised for Intel's newest quad-core architecture. The server features two PCI-Express x16 2.0 slots, support for faster front side bus speeds, high-efficiency options and double the amount of storage versus previous generations.
Also updated with the new features are the ProLiant ML110 G5, ML150 G5, ML310 G5 and DL320 G5p.
New HP solutions address continuity, security and efficiency
Through its channel partners, HP also is offering easy-to-deploy solution 'blueprints' and enablement tools for midsize businesses. HP has collaborated with Microsoft and Citrix to create new HP Midmarket Business Solutions for ProLiant entry-level servers.
With the embedded SATA RAID and Lights Out enhancements of the new ProLiant servers, the HP Midmarket Business Solutions offer enhanced continuity and efficiency. HP-approved configurations available today include:
* Citrix Access Essentials - a highly secure way to address two of the most common concerns for midsize businesses: security and secure remote access. Through this solution, customers can access important business applications whether they are remote, distributed across a network or mobile. This solution helps ensure customer data can be updated, protected and backed up centrally, providing peace of mind and compliance with regulatory requirements.
* Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 - a solution that allows customers to consolidate and standardise their messaging environment on a proven industry-standard platform. This offering provides solutions in areas of administration, performance and availability to help midsize businesses lower costs, leverage hardware more efficiently and optimise IT spend.
In addition, HP has developed 'ProLiant Partner Kits' to support its channel partners in helping midsize customers recognize the value and benefits of the new products and services immediately. The kits include sales enablement information, customisable campaign material and customer solution information.
Easy-to-use remote management
To help midsize customers save time and simplify management of ProLiant 100 series servers, HP is adding several new features to its line of HP Lights-Out 100 Management processors, including:
* Virtual DVD-ROM support allowing DVD-ROMs on client PCs to be available to remote servers during boot or run time from a browser, thus saving the time and administrator costs of having to perform service at each server location.

* Virtual media USB 2.0 support that dramatically improves performance and reliability of remote data transfer while ensuring customers are aligned with the latest USB standard.
With Lights-Out 100i Advanced Pack, Lights-Out 100i Select Pack and Lights-Out 100c Remote Management Card, customers gain access to cost-effective, secure remote control for ProLiant 100 series servers.
Key benefits include:
* Remotely manage entry-level ProLiant G5 servers from any location.

* Install or update software over the Internet or a local area network.

* Monitor hardware health such as fan, temperature and power supplies.
Servers backed by services support
The new servers are backed by HP Total Care, which was recently expanded specifically for midsize businesses. The Total Care offering includes support, services and programs to help companies customise technology decisions, maximise technology investments for a quick return and keep their businesses safe.
Availability and pricing
Pricing for the DL160 G5 starts at R9500 and the DL185 G5 at R14 500.
Pricing of the midmarket business solutions is available through HP channel partners and varies based on the number of users or capacity requirements. Pricing for the Lights-Out 100i Advanced Pack is R1600 per license, the Lights-Out 100i Select Pack at R850 per license and the Lights-Out 100c Remote Management Card at R1500.

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