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Issue Date: January 2008

Red Hat appoints TSI-Systems as JBoss Certified Systems Integrator in South Africa

31 January 2008

Red Hat has announced that TSI-Systems, an IT consulting and services company, has joined the JBoss Certified Systems Integrator program. This follows Red Hat's August 2007 announcement of Obsidian Training as JBoss' first official training partner in South Africa.
JBoss Certified Systems Integrators assist across a variety of JBoss-related projects on a global basis and are trained and certified by JBoss to ensure proficiency in JAVA/J2EE and the JBoss Enterprise Middleware products. TSI-Systems offers a wealth of industry and technology experience, and as a Certified JBoss Systems Integrator, will provide enterprises with support, consulting and services for the design, integration and implementation of JBoss Enterprise Platform-based applications for its enterprise customers.
Being a member of the JBoss Certified System Integrator program has allowed us to take a more high-level approach to service-oriented architecture. We are now able to view the architecture design and implementation, and pin-point the areas that are really in need of improvement in order to ensure maximum reliability, availability, scalability and performance," said Wickes Potgieter, technical director at TSI-Systems. "Here at TSI-Systems, we strive to address companies' IT challenges by providing the best solutions for their business process management, application integration and application performance management needs. Our partnership with Red Hat is reflective of our ambition and desire to be able to offer market-leading solutions across all different technologies."

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