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Issue Date: February 2008

Alliance hits SA

7 February 2008

BT and HP have launched the BT HP Alliance in South Africa to provide an IT and telecommunications service capability in a single service offering.
Formed in May 2004, the BT HP Alliance addresses the global trend towards strategic outsourcing and the convergence and integration of IT and communications platforms.
Typically, the alliance provides networked IT services with BT leading on communications services such as WAN and LAN, while HP meets the desktop management and IT needs, alleviating many of the problems associated with managing multiple suppliers. One of the main attractions for customers, from the consumer to the largest multinational corporation, is that the alliance offers a pre-integrated IT and communications services platform.
"We believe that the BT HP Alliance proposition is highly appropriate for the South African market given that South Africa is fast becoming a key participant in the global economy," commented Lucy Dimes, BT's global managing director of the BT HP Alliance. "South African companies now have a unique opportunity to adapt to changing competitive or market conditions by consolidating service providers while enhancing business efficacy and managing costs."

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