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Issue Date: February 2008

Mobilising SAP of BlackBerry

7 February 2008

Pebbletree Consulting and MTN Business are offering South African businesses an integrated solution that extends the functionality of their SAP systems to mobile employees.
The solution takes the SAP application out of the office and into the field, where mobile professionals such as salespeople and technicians are serving the needs of the company's customers. Speeding up key business processes, such as approvals for discounts or purchase orders allows the mobile professional to complete business processes anytime, anywhere.
Some benefits of mobilising the SAP applications include:
* Timely distribution of documents.

* Accurate, on the spot capture of time and materials information (and other data) at the customer site.

* Access to inventory information on the road.

* Faster turnaround of business processes such as order placement.

* Reduced risk of losing paper-based documentation, such as delivery notes.

* Less duplication of effort since data is captured once in the field.
Says Gary McHugh, director at Pebbletree Consulting: "By bringing MTN and the SAP integrator together on BlackBerry smartphones, we are simplifying the mobile SAP application environment for businesses. The complete solution is delivered under a single contract with one point of contact and one service level agreement, and the billing passing through the customer's existing MTN account."

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