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Issue Date: March 2008

Self-coaching for a fulfilling year

1 March 2008

Imagine 31 December 2008 celebrations. 2008 has been your best year.
Only you know what will make 2008 the best year for you and only you can make it happen. So be your own coach.
* Believe in yourself.

* Align your dreams with your values.

* Be curious about your strengths.

* Be mindful of your integrated life.

* Do not limit yourself.

* Keep focused.
Imagine 31 December 2008 celebrations. 2008 has been your best year. Jot down what will be in place in each aspect of your life, goals achieved or good habits entrenched. Read through it. Does it excite you? Does it represent a significant step in the direction you want your life to take? Work on your dream until it makes you sizzle with excitement!
Now look at your life today with positive curiosity. Jot down what you have already achieved, what resources you have, what good habits are in place. Do not be modest, embracing all the positives will give you a head start.
You are ready to set 2008 milestones. Be conscious of your whole life, be realistic about the demands you face. Incorporate known patterns, if December is crazy, plan to achieve your dream by end November.
Then start working back by month to determine what needs to be in place each month for you to achieve your dream. Be courageous and realistic. Play with this until you have clear monthly milestones for 2008.
What you have now is an ‘impossible dream’ translated into manageable steps. The secret is to focus, believe in yourself and keep taking one step at a time. Be clever in your action planning, plan to do what you know you do well, be creative about accessing your other resources and focus.
Be curious about any thought or feeling that says it is impossible. Do not ignore it, explore it. Try working with the liberating assumption that you can achieve it. Determine how you will achieve your first milestone in the first month, think of ways in which you can keep yourself accountable and committed.
Another aspect of coaching to embrace is regular fixed meetings with your coach (you). Schedule them at the start of the year and stick to them. The purpose will be to:
* Celebrate progress.

* Ask ‘What worked?’ ‘What did not work?’ ‘What you can do differently next month?’

* Draw up your next month’s action plan.
Start now, every minute counts. Focus on each month in turn using your talents, recording and celebrating your successes and sticking to your monthly reviews. Know that your year will be challenging but remember the feeling you felt when you first compiled your dream. Knowing the recipe, one great year will lead to another.
My approach to answering questions
As a coach I always work from the liberating stance that my client has the answer to an issue and is the best person to structure a solution. Coaching stimulates thinking and helps you to view things from different perspectives.
I intend to respond to the questions posed to me in a way that will support these principles and will facilitate you, the reader, in finding the best answer. How I respond will stimulate your thinking, impacting your way of looking at yourself, people and situations rather than providing you with the answer.
Mary Gardner
Mary Gardner
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