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Issue Date: February 2008

How to choose the right IT partner for your business

28 February 2008
Mark Perry, SPO manager at HP

To get real benefits from your IT infrastructure, you need to have faith in your technology and this means having confidence in the company that supplies, manages and maintains your systems.
Choosing an IT supplier is an important business decision but with so many companies providing a wide range of different solutions, it is not easy to arrive at a decision.
You should look for an IT partner that will guarantee the right combination of expertise, and customised solutions. To refine the choice, you should also be looking for suppliers that carry specialisations and certifications across a vendor's product portfolio and have inside access to those vendors for fast customer support, competitive pricing and insight into future product trends.
To guarantee your IT investment, you should look for suppliers that are trained to design and then implement specific solutions for your business requirements. HP's Preferred Partners, for example, carry certifications across HP's product portfolio, while many also hold specific product and solution specialisations. This ensures these suppliers have the technical insight and also the market knowledge to guarantee your business comes out on top - at no extra fee.
Credentials are also an important aspect to consider. HP partners, for example, invest heavily in HP training to ensure they are fully qualified and armed with the most up-to-date information that guarantees unparalleled expertise. To be sure the supplier you are considering is an HP Preferred partner you should look out for the HP Preferred Partner logo. This way, you know you are getting the best there is when it comes to IT experience. The Preferred Partner logo includes the year issued, so you can quickly identify partners that are up to date with training.
Choosing a supplier is one thing, but knowing that you can trust that supplier to meet your exact business requirements is another issue altogether. HP has developed close relationships with our Preferred Partners. We see them as our ambassadors and they are your conduit to HP. We trust them to be available when you need them and to give you the option of face-to-face purchasing guidance and services support.
By following these guidelines you can spend more time on what is most important - running your business - while your IT infrastructure is taken care of by the experts.

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