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Issue Date: February 2008

SAS supercharges predictive analytics

28 February 2008

SAS has enhanced its SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Text Miner, and SAS Forecast Server software, bringing predictive analytics to their highest level yet.
The newest release of SAS Enterprise Miner improves productivity through added interactive advanced visualisation and new analytics. Fifteen new analytical tools improve the resulting predictive models, which can mean significant savings for customers with proactive marketing departments such as in retail or banking. With innovative new modelling algorithms, including gradient boosting, partial least squares and support vector machines, SAS Enterprise Miner users can build more stable and more accurate models and thus make better decisions faster and with more confidence.
Unstructured data from customer feedback forms, blogs, call centres and other sources is now incorporated even more easily in SAS Text Miner.
Combining that with SAS Enterprise Miner's improved ability to visualise analytical results, SAS Text Miner quickly discovers and exploits patterns that would otherwise remain hidden in stored business documents. Bringing these new insights to decision makers can create a significant competitive advantage.
SAS Forecast Server's new release includes user interface enhancements that provide greater control. There are now more outlier detection options, more complex filtering capability, and six new statistics of fit. Over a dozen new project management macros help handle routine project management tasks more effectively in batch mode. And performance and scalability improvements allow SAS Forecast Server to work even more efficiently with very large data sets decreasing the time needed for decisions.
"In this release, the new analytic tools and productivity enhancements for analysts are another sign of SAS' commitment to its continued leadership of the advanced analytics software market," said Dan Vesset, vice president, Business Analytics research, IDC. "Advanced analytics tools for predictive and descriptive analytics are a key component of providing organisations with better decision-making capabilities that can lead to competitive advantage."
Quick problem solving can save millions. The SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform's 'integration by design' streamlines data mining and forecasting by building in required data integration and metadata pre-processing steps before beginning advanced analytics. With SAS data integration, storage, analytics and business intelligence all working together, the guidance resulting from analytics will be available sooner, helping decision makers uncover timely insights.

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