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Issue Date: March 2008

Novell delivers solution for payment card industry standard

13 March 2008

Novell has announced a significant enhancement to its security and information event management solution, Novell Sentinel, which will help retailers meet the detailed requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). One of the most critical compliance requirements for online and endpoint point-of-sale merchants, financial institutions, credit and debit card processors and credit card companies, PCI-DSS protects consumers from data fraud and identity theft by providing stringent guidelines for merchants on how to safeguard credit card information at various points in the payment process. The Novell PCI Solution enables retailers to easily demonstrate compliance with PCI-DSS and is the industry's most effective solution for automation, validation and end-to-end management of the PCI process.
"Proving compliance with the more than 160 specific requirements of PCI-DSS creates obvious new challenges for IT departments," said Sally Hudson, research director, Security Products and Services of IDC. "Few organisations have the infrastructure and resources in place to achieve compliance with these far-reaching requirements quickly. And with continual deadlines and increasing enforcement, it makes sense for enterprises to adopt a carefully planned strategic approach to data security that addresses compliance issues, automates PCI-DSS requirements and enhances other IT and end-user operations."
Powerful tools streamline compliance
Millions of cases of identity theft and data breaches, including high-profile cases with large amounts of payment card data stolen or compromised, have fuelled an urgent industry-wide movement to tighten payment card data security. In response, the leading payment card companies worked together to develop PCI-DSS. This standard requires any retailer that handles, transmits or stores payment card data to meet a stringent set of data security requirements to stay in compliance with their payment card company contracts.
Developed specifically to address the needs of merchants challenged with meeting PCI-DSS requirements, the Novell Sentinel PCI Solution contains powerful collection and monitoring tools to implement and enforce compliance programmes quickly and cost-effectively. The Novell Sentinel PCI Solution features the realtime information and monitoring capabilities of Novell Sentinel, as well as robust collectors, connectors, reports, correlation rules and workflows engineered specifically to help enterprises meet the requirements of the standard, automate the PCI process, and demonstrate the enforcement of PCI controls to auditors.

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