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Issue Date: March 2008

Polycom improves the speed of business with new productivity suite

27 March 2008

Polycom has announced a suite of software-based applications for its SoundPoint IP desktop phones. The new Polycom Productivity Suite includes productivity-enhancing applications that help both end users and IT managers communicate and work more efficiently.
These applications include corporate directory access, local call recording using Polycom's HD Voice technology, and visual four-party conference call management. The suite also includes two new applications for IT managers that measure the quality of a VoIP call in realtime and simplify the deployment of new integrated call control applications.
The productivity suite encompasses two types of applications - those targeted at enhancing productivity for the end user as well as a set of applications designed to help IT. The three user productivity-enhancing applications are ideal for high-touch businesses that rely heavily on phone communications in their day-to-day operations. They include:
* Visual conference management - a four-party conference call management application with an easy-to-use, visual interface to set up and manage conference calls from a phone's display. This includes being able to view caller number and names, add, drop, split, mute and put callers on hold as needed.
* Local call recording - a recording application that leverages Polycom's HD Voice technology and is especially helpful in regulated industries such as legal and finance, where calls may need to be recorded for regulatory or record-keeping purposes. With this feature, calls can be immediately recorded to a USB flash drive and then played back either locally on the phone or on any personal computer.
* Corporate directory access - an application based on the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) to quickly search a server-based, corporate contact directory that is always up to date with the current information. Users are no longer limited to a personal directory that has to be updated manually.
Two new applications are targeted at IT managers:
* Voice quality monitoring - a quality monitoring application that gives network administrators the ability to retrieve voice quality metrics from a phone in realtime. In combination with standards-based third-party network voice quality monitoring software, this solution enables administrators to diagnose VoIP related issues quickly, even while the affected customer is still on the call.
* Third-party call control - an application uses a standards-based interface called uaCSTA to give third-party programs the ability to control a phone's functions and obtain presence information. This makes it easier for enterprises to integrate IP phones into unified communications and business process solutions.

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