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Issue Date: March 2008

Quintica partners with ITSMI

27 March 2008

Service management specialist Quintica has announced a new partnership with the United States-based IT Service Management Institute. In terms of the agreement, Quintica will enhance and extend its training division, Q-Campus, with training materials designed to support and accelerate the creation of service management expertise.
The IT Service Management Institute (ITSMI) provides vendor independent education and consulting services of the highest quality and to help IT organisations gain visibility and management control over the quality and cost of providing IT services, says ITSMI director Richard Peasley.
"We have been at the forefront of the IT Service Management initiative in the United States since establishment in 1996; as one of the three founding members of the IT Service Management Forum of the USA, we have served as pioneers in the field of ITSM training," he adds.
Explaining that the organisation views itself as service management practitioners first, and then as educators, Peasley says the company takes an approach of facilitation rather than instruction in its approach to knowledge transfer. "As an organisation which understands service management in the field, we seek to provide companies and IT departments with a 'real world' understanding of the IT service management discipline."
Charles Osburn, CEO of the Quintica Group said that the partnership opens up new opportunities for both companies. "The notion of service management is changing the approach to the delivery and consumption of IT to meet company needs. This approach introduces improved discipline and takes into account the customers perception of the value that IT provides to the business, rather than being centred around technology," he says.
That said, Osburn acknowledges that this changed focus of managing IT as a business can present a challenge for IT staff. "Through Q-Campus, now further supported with materials from ITSMI, IT departments can acquire the knowledge necessary to implement ITIL best practices and introduce a structured service management approach," he adds.
Roger Purdie, executive director for Education Services at Quintica who engineered the agreement, says ITSMI is recognised as one of the world's foremost authorities on IT Service Management. "The materials we have at our disposal through this partnership enhance our ability to rapidly get IT staff up to speed - and, ultimately, to deliver more reliable, better aligned IT services to their businesses."

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