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Issue Date: March 2008

Informatica boosts OEM partner programme for enterprise software and SaaS providers

27 March 2008

Informatica has introduced a new, wide-ranging OEM partner programme, INFORM for OEMs, signalling a strengthened focus on the fast-expanding OEM market for embedded data integration solutions.
With more than 40 leading companies already in its OEM network, Informatica offers enterprise software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers the ability to differentiate their solutions with truly universal data integration capabilities, achieve faster time to market and avoid the costs and risks of internal development.
"Data integration is pivotal to the success of today's breed of enterprise software providers and SaaS vendors, especially with the ongoing consolidation in the market," says Paul van Aswegen, GM of Informatica South Africa.
"But it is a complex and specialised challenge, incorporating data access, transformation and quality as well as process scalability and performance. Informatica is the only neutral vendor that enables solution providers to concentrate on their core capabilities, while leveraging our investments in data integration to gain access to almost any system and support the complete data integration and data quality lifecycle in their applications and service offerings."
After extensively listening to its partners, the company saw a clear need for an independent data integration capability to integrate with multiple data types and systems.
INFORM for OEMs comprises a programmatic approach, with methodologies and resources focused on the needs of the OEMs, all aimed at scaling Informatica's joint success in this segment and enabling solutions providers to optimise their integration and go-to-market strategies.
Informatica's rapidly growing base of OEM partners provide solutions to key industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing and retailing.
Out of the box
Informatica gives these solution providers a unified, out-of-the-box, enterprise data integration platform for accessing, discovering, integrating and ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of data from virtually any business system, in any format including structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.
The Informatica platform is further distinguished by its platform neutrality; codeless development; extensive re-usability for build once, deploy anywhere implementations; and high-performance, high-availability architecture.
Programmatically, INFORM for OEMs mirrors the many benefits of the newly launched Informatica INFORM partner programme but with an OEM-specific focus. Benefits encompass access to expanded OEM management and technical resources, including Informatica Professional Services for integration consulting and assistance; regular strategic business reviews; and access to the new beINFORMed partner portal with its extensive enablement services and technical and marketing information resources covering all Informatica products and services.
Informatica's successful SP3 programme for SaaS providers that leverages Informatica within their service offerings will now fold into and become part of INFORM for OEMs.
"Today's solutions providers, whether they are delivering on-premise software or on-demand services, have to contend with shrinking windows of opportunity and a host of new and existing enterprise applications with which they must integrate data from inside and outside of the enterprise," says Van Aswegen.
"Integrating data in a multiplicity of structured and unstructured forms is no easy task and is what Informatica is focused on delivering in technology for partners as part of its INFORM OEM programme."

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