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Issue Date: April 2008

Jazeera Airways to offer on-air inflight passenger communications services from 2008

3 April 2008

Jazeera Airways, the Kuwait and Dubai-based airline, has announced it will provide its passengers with OnAir's inflight mobile phone services, including voice, SMS and GPRS, starting in 2008.
The OnAir service will enable Jazeera Airways' passengers to use their mobile phones and BlackBerry-type devices to send and receive text messages, e-mails including attachments, and to make and receive mobile phone calls inflight. The service is based on Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband.
The airline, which was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in January, currently has six Airbus A320 aircraft flying on routes in the Middle East. All six aircraft will be retro-fitted with OnAir equipment; the airline also has 34 further A320s on order, which will be line-fitted.
Mobile OnAir will allow up to 12 simultaneous voice calls. A central feature of the service is the crew's ability to turn it off at any time, or switch it to 'silent' - text and e-mail only - mode, enabling the airline to customise the services to its passengers' preferences. For example, airlines could turn off the voice element, or even the whole service, during quiet times.

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