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Issue Date: April 2008

Asterisk training

3 April 2008

Connection Telecom in association with Digium, will be hosting an intense training course on South African-based Asterisk software in April this year. This five day course promises to transform participants into Asterisk experts to ensure they are able to install, configure, tune and maintain a complete Asterisk system. Although the course is targeted at administrators, developers and technical staff who work with Asterisk, all who wish to learn about Asterisk are encouraged to partake.
According to Synergy Research Group and InfoTech, IP platforms will comprise over 90% of all enterprise telephony purchases by 2009.
Additionally, the small and medium-sized business market is expected to grow at a faster rate than the large enterprise market and is projected to represent 43% of total IP telephony shipments by 2010.
"Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions and as such, the explosion of the software cannot be ignored, especially as the growth and demand for IP will drive several waves of network capacity upgrades during the next 10 years," says Rob Lith, director of Connection Telecom.
This training course will assist participants with gaining a high-level knowledge of Asterisk and its potential, with particular focus on the SIP network. The course will focus on a combination of theory and practical labs, and participants will learn how to setup and configure Asterisk in a scalable enterprise or service provider network.
Participants will also be able to achieve a dCAP-certification (Digium-Certified Asterisk Professional), a globally recognised programme that will be offered at the end of the Asterisk Bootcamp training course or can be taken separately, bringing a new skill set to their career or company. Various kinds of setups will be covered, giving participants insight into the design of real SIP networks using Asterisk, providing participants with a real competitive advantage in today's demanding software environment The course, presented by Connection Telecom, will run from 14-18 April 2008 in Johannesburg.
For more on the Asterisk Bootcamp and pre-requisites, please refer to

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