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Issue Date: June 2001 (es)

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1 June 2001

Citec, the leading corporate Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the Johnnic Communications and M-Cell stable, has been renamed MTN Network Solutions. The name change reflects not only the close relationship between Citec and MTN, but also the ongoing strategy within MTN's Business Solutions division to provide a full range of mobile-enabled solutions to corporate clients.
With the inclusion of an ISP's services in the offering, the MTN Group is enhancing its capability in offering solutions in the full vertical market of data services, from mobile access to managed data networks. Consequently, the newly branded MTN Network Solutions will act as the Internet gateway for MTN's mobile access solutions, including the existing High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD), marketed as DataFast, and the pending high-speed General Packet Radio Service (GPRS).
"Not only does this cement MTN Network Solutions' role as infrastructure provider to the Johnnic and MTN group, but also enables it to expand its focus on the corporate market," says MTN Network Solutions CEO Mike Brierly. "At the same time, our clients that require mobile access can now be offered the tightest integration in the access industry."
Hi-tech facilities
MTN Network Solutions has co-located most of its network infrastructure into MTN's technology infrastructure by moving its hardware out of its existing network hubs and into MTN's switching centres. As a result, its own network nodes are now housed in the heart of Africa's most reliable hi-tech facilities. At the node level, MTN Network Solutions employs fail-safe architecture, offering a high level of redundancy, scalability and flexibility. Each major centre uses the same architecture for all connectivity inside South Africa.
"The Telecommunications Act does not allow us to use the MTN network connectivity, but there is nothing stopping us from taking advantage of co-locating with our sister company's state-of-the-art switching centres," says Brierley. "MTN's switching centres are built to standards that few other organisations can equal. The fact of the matter is that if their network goes down, they lose money by the second. They simply cannot allow that."
To ensure round the clock and round the year 'uptime', every MTN centre has the necessary facilities, processes and procedures in place to ensure world-class recovery and back-up.
"MTN Network Solutions co-locates with that infrastructure and benefits from those processes and procedures. This co-operation engenders unbeatable levels of confidence and translates to a better quality of service," explains Brierley. "That is what provides the substance behind our new marketing slogan, 'Our service never stops'."
MTN Network Solutions

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