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Issue Date: June 2001 (es)

Novell helps customers integrate Windows 2000 securely into their networks

1 June 2001

NamITech has announced that its telecommunications division has trebled the revenue gleaned from African countries during the April 2001-2002 period, as compared to the previous 12 month period, taking revenues beyond the R200 million mark. Nikki Kettles, managing director of NamITech's telecommunications division also said that the division is launching a new electronic voucher distribution solution in Africa. The first contract sees the company supply Tanzania's super cellular phone dealer, Shivacom.
Kettles said the company has been aggressively pursuing its business plans in Africa, adding that it intends to become the leading supplier of GSM solutions into Africa, including SIM cards, pre-paid vouchers, starter packs and value added services. The company is particularly eying East and West Africa, while countries such as Morocco and Egypt are potentially huge markets for providers of GSM solutions.
"We currently supply GSM-based services to more than 30 African network providers. I believe that makes us a leader in this marketplace already," she said. "There are currently 15 million GSM users in Africa, but this is expected to rise to an estimated 100 million subscribers by 2005. Ninety percent will be in the pre-paid market and this is a market we are currently seriously targeting."

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