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Issue Date: June 2001 (es)

APC unveils USB-ready UPS

1 June 2001

Secure Data has announced Trend Micro's 'go-red' strategy that will provide Intuitive Information Security. It is intended that this far-sighted strategy will protect systems from next generation viruses and other malicious code. The concept will encompass a highly proactive approach to virus and content security, and the development of products that will help anticipate future outbreaks to protect the systems of today.
According to Secure Data's Dean Brazier, Trend Micro's 'go-red' strategy is based on the ancient oriental game of GO, which for centuries has illustrated the importance of using intuition to create winning strategies in ever-changing situations. Says Brazier, "By pairing human intuition with adaptive technology, Trend Micro creates evolving strategies that can be centrally deployed across entire networks instantly to secure information. Intuitive Information Security represents a major step forward from the traditional passive solutions that have been offered by many antivirus vendors and is particularly relevant in the light of the new breed of next generation viruses like CodeRed and Nimda.
"CodeRed was a wake-up call for everyone, giving out a clear signal that a completely fresh approach was needed to deal with this new type of threat. When Nimda struck it achieved super-virus status, surprising even the experts with its multispreading channels, multiple payloads and fast-spreading nature."
There is a compelling need for today's organisations to take effective precautions to protect their systems from these threats. Trend Micro believes that strategy is nothing without intuition and its new Intuitive Information Security with its 'go-red' philosophy offers effective network protection from next generation viruses and other malicious code.
"Traditionally, security solutions have been reactive, responding after a virus has been created," commented Wayne Biehn, sales director of SecureData. "Nimda and CodeRed showed that cyber criminals can get around existing solutions and highlighted the need for a proactive approach to Internet security. Trend Micro's Intuitive Information Security with its 'go-red' philosophy provides flexible solutions that can adapt 'on-the-fly', applying intuition to help anticipate possible virus outbreaks before they happen."
Secure Data

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