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Issue Date: September 2001 (es)

Unisys tackles security crisis with managed service

1 September 2001

Firms urged to comply with ECT Act
Companies should comply with the recently enacted Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) law, even the voluntary parts, if only to protect their reputations, says a prominent lawyer. 19 August 2002
ABN Amro, EDS negotiate outsourcing deal
ABN Amro Bank and EDS have begun talks on an IT outsourcing contract for ABN Amro's wholesale activities. 23 August 2002
Nanoteq becomes Microsoft partner
Nanoteq, the managed security solutions subsidiary of Comparex Africa, has become a Microsoft Certified Partner. 22 August 2002
Attix5 to deploy RSA solutions
Attix5 has signed a contract to implement RSA Security's authentication and public key infrastructure solutions. 21 August 2002
EDS has finalised its acquisition of Loudcloud's managed hosting business
MGX counts cost of complex deals
MGX's chickens came home to roost this year as the number and complexity of the deals it became involved in weighed on its year-end results by swallowing profits from the operations that performed well. 23 August 2002
DiData's margins under pressure
Dimension Data has warned that a slow quarter for subsidiary Datacraft Asia will affect its gross margins. 20 August 2002
FrontRange proclaims turnaround
FrontRange, the CRM company facing a challenge from Microsoft, says it has achieved a promised turnaround despite losing over R250 million for the year to end-June. However, it is not bursting with optimism for 2003. 23 August 2002
Miners get a hand on information
South African miners are now packing more than a hard hat when they go underground, in a new project that has them gathering real-time data at the coalface. 21 August 2002
Hacker has last laugh over lottery site
LowVoltage, the hacker who was threatened with legal action by lotto organiser Uthingo for calling the National Lottery 'national robbery', has paid the renewal fee for the domain after he spotted it was about to be suspended. 23 August 2002
Biothentix introduces laptop security system
The Caveo anti-theft PC card for notebook systems has been released, says local distributor Biothentix. 22 August 2002
New system aims to combat car theft
A new information system aimed at assisting in the fight against illegal vehicle trafficking, developed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, is being implemented in southern African countries. 20 August 2002
US military computers easily cracked, say experts
Computer security firm ForensicTec Solutions says US military and government computers that contain sensitive information are easily accessible over the Internet. 19 August 2002
Namitech company to manufacture Mifare smartcards
Integrated Card Technologies is to manufacture Mifare contactless smartcards. Mifare is the new internationally recognised standard for secure contactless smartcards. 20 August 2002
Trend Micro offers new anti-virus solution
The Trend Micro ScanMail for Lotus Notes anti-virus software has been released, says SecureData, local Trend Micro distributor. 20 August 2002
Symantec introduces integrated security solution
The Symantec Client Security solution for network clients and remote users has been released. 20 August 2002
Laragh introduces e-learning course
The Laragh Effective Presentations with PowerPoint e-learning software has been released, says Laragh Courseware, which recently acquired SmartForce Africa. 19 August 2002
Spooks propose govt comms security company
The Ministry of Intelligence plans to create a company dedicated to securing government electronic communications to "make us less vulnerable to hostile hackers". 22 August 2002
Telkom launches Internet packages, ADSL
Telkom recently introduced long-promised special Internet rates for dial-up users, packaging line rental and between 10 and 30 'Internet minutes' at a fixed price. Coming up shortly: the equally long-awaited commercial ADSL service. 22 August 2002
419 scams hit the Web
The latest bunch of Nigerian con artists to hit SA have taken to the Web - with some sophistication - to reinforce perceptions of legitimacy. 20 August 2002
Local investigators bust Internet racketeers
The Scorpions investigation unit has arrested a gang of suspected Internet racketeers who fooled people into sending them money by posing as the central bank. 19 August 2002
Hitachi, Oracle develop new technology
Hitachi and Oracle have developed a new data protection technology designed for the Oracle9i Database that prevents data corruption between the database and the network storage disk system. 23 August 2002
MTN breaks five-million mark
MTN says it now has more than five million subscribers, with more than a million of these clients north of the Limpopo as the local market dries up. But the pressure is on to increase customer spending. 21 August 2002
African cheque clearing systems booming
The rise in the cheque clearing business has dismissed the myth that Africa has a largely unbanked population, says Dave Scott, area sales director for financial services at Unisys Africa. 23 August 2002
Combating Internet scams
Internet scams are widespread but insuring against such fraud is inexpensive, says Gordon Ashby, MD of Virtual Card Services. 22 August 200
Maximising business intelligence
Business intelligence enables companies to maximise data sources by placing them in an accessible format to be delivered to any stakeholder, says George Smalberger, sales and marketing director at Ovations Technologies. 22 August 2002
Smartcards can facilitate banking in Africa
Chris Steyn, MD of Namitech Financial Services, believes that smartcards have the potential to expand banking services in Africa. 22 August 2002
Wireless technology an enterprise issue
Wireless and mobile technologies have become enterprise issues, believes Ryan Dowdle, business development consultant on e-business strategy within the Computer Associates field support group. 20 August 2002
Security consolidation is critical
By consolidating their security systems, large organisations will benefit from better system availability, says Idris Cassim, business unit manager of security at Datacentrix. 20 August 2002
Designing an effective network security solution
Sirshem Moodley, CTO of Nortel Networks SA, discusses guidelines on how a company can implement a successful network security system. 20 August 2002
Smartcard potential yet to be realised
The long-term potential of smartcards lies in the ability to carry a range of applications from different industries, says Pierre Kotze, executive financial services at Integrated Card Technology. 19 August 2002

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