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Issue Date: September 2001 (es)

Mobile stats snapshot

1 September 2001

SA Mobile market overview 6/2001
* Market size as of 6/2001: 9,2m users (Note: 80% of these are active users).
* Potential by 2005: 18m users.
* It is dominated by MTN and Vodacom who operate at GSM 900 MHz.
* In Feb 2001, was awarded to the Cell C Consortium which should be live by Xmas 2001.
* 5/2001: Virgin Mobile is in talks with Vodacom to create a Virtual Network operating over Vodacom infrastructure.
* Vodacom 55% (5,1m), MTN (3,95m) 45% market share.
* The SA market is currently worth R14 bn and will grow to around R23 bn by 2004.
(US$1 = Rand 8,10)
(Euro•1 = Rand 6,90)
Vodacom switched 8,5m calls and 700 000 SMS messages in the first hour of the new millennium, the busiest time ever for the network.
* Average current connection rate ratios: 88% prepaid, 12% subscription.
* Over 9000 users sign up per day (mostly prepaid).
* People in previously under-serviced areas are making over 35m calls (65m minutes) per month from Vodacom's 2135 community phoneshops.
* Vodago is Vodacom's prepaid package and was launched in November 1996 and now accounts for more than 90% of all new connections to the Vodacom network.
* Vodacom's network currently switches 30% of telephone volumes in South Africa and 10% of Africa's.
* During the last financial year (ending 31 March 2000), Vodacom spent more than R2,3 bn increasing its network capacity. Vodacom has invested some R10 bn in its network to date.
* Vodacom's network covers almost 13 000 km of national roads, about 80% of the country's population and 52% of the total land surface.
* Most of the urban areas and national roads in South Africa have GSM 900 coverage.
* Together the two GSM networks cover more than 71% of the population.

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