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Issue Date: September 2001 (es)

Keeping SQL healthy

1 September 2001

Holton & Associates, South African distributors of Command Anti-Virus Software has re-affirmed the company's commitment to Command Software F-Prot-based solutions in South Africa, and clarified the position of the product range (see side-bar). In commenting on the trend towards integrating AV products with third-party content scanners, Grayford Holton, MD of Holton & Associates, says that the burgeoning e-mail monitoring and firewall appliance sectors have long been looking for effective third-party integration of anti-virus applications to complement their core functionality.
Capitalising on this trend, Command's CSAV Interceptor integrates with industry-leading Mimesweeper and Mailsweeper solutions to check and block all incoming and outgoing e-mail and files for viruses and malware. Holton claims that CSAV Interceptor is not only extremely fast, but its price/performance ratio is unsurpassed in this sector of the AV market.
Says Holton, "In order to ensure high speed of throughput, CSAV Interceptor operates via a 'dll', a process found to be 200% faster by the Command developers than conventional 'exe' methods."
Command Linux/Solaris
Holton suggests that in order to address new, unknown threats, a complete anti-virus solution needs more than a good scanning engine. Filtering out messages based on attachment type and/or by identifying text that the new virus is using is important to preventing attacks from new, unknown threats. "A robust e-mail content filtering system, such as provided by Xamine, should give you the capability to identify and block potentially dangerous messages before they enter the network."
Adds Holton, "Xamine is a solution to the problem of controlling the content of e-mail flowing in and out of your e-mail server. It provides a method of applying your written corporate rules and policies of what e-mail content is permissible into an enforceable system."
In broadening the effectiveness of Xamine itself, Holton adds that Command Linux/Solaris can also be used with Xamine to check and block all incoming and outgoing e-mail and files for viruses and malware. Says Holton, "In order to ensure high-speed throughput of mail, Command has developed a Daemon version of Linux that is due to be released shortly. Many ISPs and corporates have now installed the combination of Command Linux/Solaris and Xamine to meet the price/performance requirements of users."
Concludes Holton, "Independent reviewers, over the last 10 years, of anti-virus solutions have regularly voted Command Anti-Virus Software with F-Prot to be in the top five anti-virus suppliers."
Grayford Holton, 011 789 4585
Grayford Holton
Holton & Associates
011-789-4585, 011-787-3592, 083-941-3603

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