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Issue Date: September 2001 (es)

Interview - eSecure enquires: Security-in-a-box from AVS

1 September 2001

First National Bank has launched inContact, a free SMS and e-mail based messaging service, which enables FNB customers to keep in touch with all transactions taking place on their accounts. This service helps customers to monitor any potential fraud on their accounts, as well as receive confirmation of deposits, in-store purchases, withdrawals, transfers and debit orders.
"The inContact system is extremely helpful for clients who wish to track transactions on their accounts, and monitor any spending activity, such as on linked credit cards," says Rowan Suchard, FNB project manager. "It can also be an important fraud prevention tool, as customers receive early notification of any unauthorised transactions."
The service allows a high degree of flexibility. Customers can choose whether to receive messages 24-hours a day or just during office hours. Another option for customers is to decide whether they only want to be notified if the transaction exceeds a specific amount. FNB customers can register for this free service by phoning 0860 44 22 11 or visiting an FNB branch. Internet Banking customers can also register online at the website.

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