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Issue Date: September 2001 (es)

NetScreen introduces high-performance security platform for enterprise telecommuters and branch/remote offices

1 September 2001

NetScreen Technologies, a leading developer of ASIC-based Internet security systems and appliances, has introduced the NetScreen-5XP, a next-generation security platform combining firewall, virtual private network (VPN) and traffic management features for enterprise telecommuters, SOHO sites and branch/remote offices.
The NetScreen-5XP, which offers wire-speed performance of 10 Mbps, can be easily deployed by enterprises or serve as the basis of a managed security offering by service providers. Because the NetScreen-5XP integrates both firewall and VPN capabilities, a single device can be deployed to establish VPN connections to an enterprise central site while at the same time preventing so-called remote-access 'U Turn Attacks', where a hacker takes control of a remote PC and then uses the existing VPN connection to gain access to data stored at the enterprise central site.
"As VPNs expand to include corporate branch offices and telecommuter sites, companies need to deploy enterprise class security at the remote sites to ensure that network security is not compromised," said Brett Myroff CEO of local NetScreen distributor, NetXactics. "Besides providing the highest level of ICSA-certified stateful inspection firewall and IPsec 3DES VPN encryption, the NetScreen-5XP features traffic management that allows mission-critical data to be prioritised at remote sites, to ensure applications get the bandwidth they need."
The NetScreen-5XP replaces the NetScreen-5, originally introduced by NetScreen in 1999. Like the original NetScreen-5, the NetScreen-5XP is available in two versions: one that supports 10 users and another that has no user restrictions.
"The new NetScreen-5XP is the ideal device for the managed VPN offerings we're rolling out to our customers," said Rakesh Loonkar, EVP of business development at OneSecure, a managed security services provider. "The device can be easily configured and offers the performance and remote management capabilities needed for the large deployments dispersed enterprises are now facing."
For details contact Brett Myroff of NetXactics on tel: (011) 444 4000 or e-mail:

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