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Issue Date: September 2001 (es)

Quotable quotes

1 September 2001

Best wishes
"PCs were cool through the 1980s and provided impetus for the economy. Today, they are marginally more interesting than TV sets and just about as common. It appears the love affair with the PC has dissipated over time. Happy birthday, anyway." - John Dodge, eWEEK, commenting on the PC's 20th birthday.
Web landlord
"It is a great business because there is no overhead and they pay me a monthly amount." - Nick Koustas, an American who is making a living by leasing out popular generic domain names to companies willing to pay big bucks to hold the names for a limited amount of time. (ZDNet News)
Looking up?
"On the local front, the SA market is not immune to wider economic trends, but things are definitely not all doom and gloom." - Diedre Müller, analyst at BMI-TechKnowledge.
Tactical moves
"Microsoft: The Tonya Harding of technology. What do you do if you cannot win a fair competition? Club your opponent in the knees. That seems to be Microsoft's tactic against Java, a programming standard Microsoft does not control." - Michael C Daconta, Enterprise columnist.
Costly prank
"On the surface it appears to be a hoax." - JR Brian Hanna, CEO of New York-based Brass Eagle. A hacker broke into the company's website yesterday and sent out phoney financial statements, forcing the Nasdaq to halt trading in the firm's shares for more than two hours. (Reuters)
Criminal intent
"The Internet has enabled intellectual property theft - of the spoken word, still and moving images and music - on an almost unimaginable scale." - British-based Internet monitoring company Envisional. (Reuters)
"It is easy in retrospect and with a rear-view mirror perspective to say, yes, definitions were a little squishy." - Alan Alper, an analyst at research firm Gomez. Critics say research firms' long-term forecasts of big growth for the Internet economy were overly optimistic and helped perpetuate the dot-com hype. (Reuters)
Drawing the line
"There are just certain things we will not do." - New Yorker Jason Black, noting that while he and his wife have put the naming rights for their soon-to-be-born son up for auction on eBay and Yahoo, he will not accept bids from a cigarette or weapons maker. (
Calling SirCam's creator
"How am I? I was fine until I got 18 copies of your virus over the weekend. I am still fine because Norton AntiVirus is smarter than you are. And my advice to you is this: Learn to write 'more gooder', as this message makes you look like a dope, and please kill yourself. Just not in that order." - AnchorDesk columnist David Coursey, replying to the creator of the SirCam virus. The fast-spreading bug sends a message that reads: "Hi! How are you? I send you this file in order to have your advice. See you later. Thanks."

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