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Issue Date: April 2002 (es)

Pivotal patent issued to Bioscrypt for portable biometric devices

1 April 2002

Bioscrypt, an established provider of advanced fingerprint technology, has announced that the US Patent and Trade Mark Office has issued Patent 6,353,889, to the company describing a portable biometric authentication device, which allows the user to securely access a number of information and physical systems with a single personal device.
"In essence, we see this patent paving the way for the development of a universal key fob. Similar in format to existing automobile key fobs, this universal key fob integrated with a fingerprint sensor could be used to grant authenticated access to the user's home, vehicle, computer system or even their bank account to make a purchase through a vending machine," stated Pierre Donaldson, president and chief executive officer of Bioscrypt Inc. "As people encounter more and more applications where security considerations require them to carry numerous cards, or remember a password or PIN, there is a growing level of interest in a convenient personal authentication device."
The patent covers biometric-based user authentication to control the release of data keys within the portable device, and a secure method to communicate these data keys for access to devices such as high security doors, ATMs and computer networks.
"Clearly, this is an important patent for Bioscrypt as it addresses the increased need for security in a very convenient manner," added Dr Colin Soutar, chief technology officer of Bioscrypt. "Along with the protection of our core algorithm and applications that are addressed by other aspects of our patent portfolio, this patent describes a device and method that can provide a truly ubiquitous and personal implementation of biometric authentication. The portable nature of the device allows the user to carry their own biometric template and to use it to access many different systems."
Source: Bioscrypt

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