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Issue Date: May 2002 (es)

Bioscrypt and AIT form technology alliance

1 May 2002

AiT's passport readers to include biometrics for traveller authentication
Bioscrypt, an established provider of advanced fingerprint technology, and AiT, an established provider of traveller ID solutions, has announced a technology alliance, the first product of which is an integrated passport and biometric reader. The reader, a version of AiT's imPAX product, can be used at inspection points to capture information from travellers' documents, authenticate those documents, and then using Bioscrypt's fingerprint recognition technology, authenticate individual travelers.
"This reader moves us closer to our goal of developing a comprehensive traveller identity platform to enable the efficient passage of those in expedited travel programs, and provide more thorough screening of those who are not," said Bernie Ashe, president and CEO of AiT. "By integrating our technologies, AiT and Bioscrypt are giving control authorities the ability to authenticate both people and documents with one integrated product."
"Fingerprint technology is ideal for this type of application, one where the traveller consents to participation in the authentication process," added Pierre Donaldson, President and CEO of Bioscrypt. "Bioscrypt's one-touch verification provides reliable security without inconveniencing the traveller - fingerprint authentication is fast and nonintrusive. Furthermore, a combination of biometrics and cryptography is used to produce a secure solution without compromising the privacy of the individual."
How the solution works: The reader scans a traveller's document and an image of the entire data page is captured. A cryptographic digital signature, which can be included in a 2D bar code or smart chip on the document, can be verified and used to authenticate that the document is legitimate and has not been altered. Using the fingerprint sensor onboard the reader, the traveller's live fingerprint is then compared to the fingerprint template stored on the document to verify the identity of the traveller.
Source: Bioscrypt

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