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Issue Date: November 2002 (es)

Lenel and Bioscrypt team to deliver fingerprint biometrics solutions for access control

1 November 2002

Lenel Systems International and Bioscrypt have announced the availability of a new family of fully integrated fingerprint biometrics solutions for facility access control. Called Bioscrypt OnGuard, the new lineup integrates Bioscrypt's awarding-winning fingerprint biometrics technology and Veri-Series readers with Lenel's OnGuard Total Security Knowledge Management Solutions portfolio.
"Our agreement with Bioscrypt is significant because it addresses the growing demand we see for biometrics in access systems, and gives our customers immediate access to the most reliable and accurate technology available," said Rudy Prokupets, chief technology officer and executive vice president of research and development at Lenel Systems International.
Bioscrypt OnGuard is a fully integrated fingerprint biometric solution for facility access. Here is how it works: when facility access is desired, the individual presents a smartcard, proximity card or pin number, depending on the type of reader being utilised, and the device will prompt the individual to present his or her fingerprint; the fingerprint is then verified in realtime against the biometric data on record. If there is a match, access is granted by the OnGuard system based on the cardholder's permission levels. Based on the customer's needs, options are available to securely store access fingerprint records on smartcards or at the OnGuard intelligent access controller.
The actual devices that scan the finger, known collectively as Bioscrypt's Veri-Series, are a diverse line of integrated fingerprint readers that includes:
* V-Smart iCLASS, integrated fingerprint reader with HID iCLASS smartcard technology.

* V-Smart, integrated MIFARE smartcard and fingerprint readers.

* V-Flex, add-on fingerprint solutions for existing Wiegand-based readers.
With Bioscrypt OnGuard, these readers are now seamlessly integrated with a total security management solution that combines the power of access control, alarm monitoring, ID card production and personnel management. This means customers have one system to administer, one user interface, one cardholder enrolment process and one database to manage for all of these functions. Designed for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP, Lenel OnGuard features an open systems architecture, client/server design, support of multiple access control hardware devices, and unlimited capacities for cardholders, card readers, PC workstations and alarm inputs.
Phil Mailes, Lenel Systems International, 0944 1483 815234,

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