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Issue Date: February 2003 (es)

Mark your diary for Competitive Intelligence

1 February 2003

CBIA is presenting a number of courses on competitive intelligence (CI), business counterintelligence and competitor behavioural profiling, during 2003. The courses are accredited by the Technikon Pretoria, a Technikon Pretoria course certificate being issued on the successful completion of the courses. The courses are presented at the Centurion Lake Hotel, Centurion, Gauteng.
CI provides the means to gather and process information into intelligence that is necessary to understand the competition and the external environment. It is the process of monitoring the competitive environment in an organised and systematic way. It is a continuous process involving only the legal and ethical collection of information, analysis and controlled dissemination of actionable intelligence to decision-makers concerning their competitors.
CBIA is South Africa's oldest company regarding competitive intelligence services, outsourcing, consulting and training. The company was founded during 1994 to provide business intelligence solutions and services. CBIA has also been at the forefront of the development of competitive intelligence in South Africa and was instrumental in the formation of the South African Association of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SAACIP) early in 2000.
Course details are as follows:
Course: Competitive Intelligence: Introduction and Overview
3-4 March 2003
The course is an introduction to the concepts of competitive intelligence and some of the topics covered are the CI process, tools and techniques for developing CI, implementing competitive intelligence and business counterintelligence.
Course: The Competitive Analysis Professional (CAP)
5-7 March 2003
The course is the first step for the development of the competitive intelligence analyst with topics such as CI problem identification, analysis and interpretation, analysis techniques with a number of practical exercises.
Course: Competitor Behavioural Profiling
11-13 March 2003
The course is unique and the only training programme available in SA which specialises in interactive language and behavioural profiling as a way to increase your competitive advantage through understanding and impacting people's behaviour.
For more information contact CBIA, 012 664 3157,

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