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Issue Date: February 2003 (es)

NamITech provides contactless smartcards to Potchefstroom University

1 February 2003

NamITech has successfully rolled out a student identification card system throughout the Potchefstroom University campus and the Vaal Triangle campus, a solution based on the latest secure Mifare contactless smartcard technology. To date 22 000 cards have been issued to existing and new students and staff members.
The initial application on the card provides the students with controlled access throughout the campus, payment at the University canteen and access to the library management system. According to Clive Handley, executive new and emerging business at NamITech, Potchefstroom University opted for the Mifare contactless smartcard technology for a number of reasons. "The Mifare technology has strong inherent security, is more suitable for a high throughput area such as a campus, and the card will give the University the ability to easily enable future applications based around the requirements of a closed community," he says.
"Such applications could include secure payment technology, public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates or even biometrics to ensure strong authentication of students."

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