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Issue Date: September 2007

Q&A: Zeev Aviv

1 September 2007

As Africa’s telecoms market slowly opens up to real competition, expect more international companies to show interest in this market. One of the newest is Tadiran Telecom. CBR asked Tadiran’s Zeev Aviv about the company and its African ventures.
Zeev Aviv, VP sales and marketing at Tadiran Telecom
Zeev Aviv, VP sales and marketing at Tadiran Telecom
CBR: Tadiran is a new name in the South African telecoms market, can you give us a brief introduction to the company?
Aviv: Tadiran Telecom has been an established innovator in telecommunications for more than 40 years. A leading global IP business telephony and communications supplier, Tadiran serves businesses and organisations of all sizes with a comprehensive family of products, including IP PBXs, contact centres, IP telephones, and mobility and desktop applications. Tadiran distributes IP communications solutions to some of the world's largest companies and organisations across 41 countries through authorised business partners.
CBR: South Africa is seeing a rapid growth in IP communications. What are Tadiran's strengths and competitive differentiators?
Aviv: Tadiran Telecom's vast experience and knowledge in the telephony sphere is combined with its IP expertise to create innovative new products for the new world of IP. The South African market is experiencing a worldwide trend wherein the traditional TDM equipment is being upgraded to modern IP technology based solutions.
Tadiran's IP communications solutions and telephones allow businesses of all sizes to migrate to the world of IP in stages, while continuing to leverage existing network and legacy investments. We pride ourselves in 'being big enough to pay attention to the smallest details' and I believe that is why Tadiran's solutions have been chosen over those of major players such as Cisco, Alcatel, Siemens Ericcson and Harris in such cases as the Beijing Olympic Games Transportation project.
CBR: What potential do you see in the South African market? What are your future plans in South Africa and the rest of Africa?
Aviv: In the past few years South Africa and Africa as a whole have been enjoying an immensely rapid growth rate. I feel we have just started unveiling the great promise that the South African market holds. Telecommunication technology may help pave the way towards national economic growth and equitable development.
Tadiran boasts experience in other English speaking markets such as Australia, the UK, and the United States and has had success in various vertical markets including transportation, healthcare, energy infrastructure, finance, and others because our products allow maximum flexibility and enable us to be very responsive to the markets. We wish to leverage our geographic proximity and our experience with the various vertical markets to bring new opportunities to the African economies.
CBR: Have you signed any deals with local communications providers? Will you be looking at partnering with local companies?
Aviv: Tadiran's entrance into the African market is in line with our strategy to have a presence in all the key international markets. The shift in African business telephony towards IP technology presents Tadiran with many new opportunities. This is why Tadiran Telecom has recently teamed up with Venture Communications, a communications infrastructure integration company, that is completely focused on the African continent. I firmly believe we have much to contribute to the South African telecom market.
CBR: Tell us about the portfolio of offerings you are bringing to the South African market?
Aviv: The South African market can now enjoy Tadiran's family of Coral IPx products. These solutions are based on open standards allowing businesses of any size to move to the world of IP-based communications in stages, at the speed that suits their needs.
Tadiran also offers the Composit Contact Pro, a comprehensive suite of realtime, IP multimedia customer interaction management solutions Contact Centre. Composit's distributed architecture allows multiple Composit servers to tie together and work as one single system. We designed the Composite with open architecture, built around industry standards, in order to ensure a more unified customer communications experience.
The Composit Contact Pro and the Coral IPx products working in concert can also support remote workers anywhere in the world.

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