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Issue Date: January 2008

BJM chooses Mimecast

31 January 2008

Barnard Jacobs Mellet Holdings (BJM), a JSE-listed stock broking and financial services company has announced it had chosen Mimecast to handle all its e-mail requirements on a global basis.
BJM, although based in South Africa with offices in Belville Cape Town, Constantia Cape Town, George and Rosebank-Johannesburg, also has offices in Edinburgh, London and Stamford (USA), and has some 250 users attached to its e-mail network.
"E-mails are key to our organisation, explained Floyd Makhubela of the IT department at BJM. "With our previous system, we were experiencing an enormous number of false positives, receiving a great deal of spam and many of our e-mails were being blocked and quarantined. Furthermore, 30% of our bandwidth was being consumed by our e-mail traffic and a significant part of the day, possibly as much as four hours, was taken up with handling these issues.
"Of the vendors we examined in the market, only Mimecast was thinking 'next generation' and besides, all vendors except for Mimecast needed to supply more than one product to meet our requirements. Moreover, 10 year long-term storage option that Mimecast offered was an added bonus and further differentiated them from other vendors. The prospect of not having to concern ourselves with ever-increasing storage demands into the future was also an added attraction."
The installation of Mimecast was quick and painless, reduced the false positives situation to zero, and released bandwidth to BJM for other applications. All the support for the group, included the overseas operations, was handled through the South African operation of Mimecast.
"The issues highlighted by BJM are very much in line with the results of an independent survey that was recently carried out in the UK, which indicated that more than 5 million man hours per year are expended looking for 'lost' e-mails," concluded Garth Wittles, MD Mimecast South Africa. "We fully understand these issues and those associated with the governance requirements that need to be met by all businesses. With the Mimecast product we can and have made a significant difference to the effectiveness and efficiency of many organisations re the handling and management of their e-mails."

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