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Issue Date: April 2008

Letter to the editor

1 April 2008

There were a few interesting comments following last week's editorial column in CBR. Some agreeing, some disagreeing and some vehemently disagreeing with the comments made. Granted, the comments were meant to be sarcastic and take an aggressive tone, but it seems as though some people thought the article went over to the dark side in terms of negativity.
To offer some balance, below is one of the letters we received, printed in full.
Good day Andrew;
I cannot help but pick up bits and pieces of sarcasm in your editorial comment of the latest issue. The Government has a bigger vision and scope. Maybe you should have not stopped your DVD at the end of 'Falling Down', but continued till 'Men in Black'. There will always be sarcastic, realistic and optimistic classes in society. If you were the Government and had the three classes who would you rather disappoint. Fact is, yes electricity will affect industry. But we cannot wallow down in self pity and only mobilise our resources towards proclaiming doom.
Just like the majority of the whites in this country, they stay in affluent suburbs, drive first class, and moan about every little thing they can lay their eyes on. Sorry if I am being racial here. I am simply trying to make a point. My question is, if we are a country in such a state, why is everybody still here? Why do we have such a gigantic number of foreigners and tourists who come here and the first thing on their minds is, permanent residence? Could it mean that there is more smoke in some of our neighbours' households?
In my opinion, a very small percentage of the Europeans has faith in a black Government, if at all.
We are here Andrew, because we are home, we are willing to deal with this the only way a family deals with its problems. Not visitors.
The Gautrain is going to be a great asset to people like me. I am going to be able to move from Jhb to Pta, conduct my account management activities, see clients and catch a rail link back home in the afternoon. I see opportunities, I am not really surprised you see yet again, doom. You label the train as a relief from traffic for criminals to find children to shoot in the head. Do we really need this? If you people think the ship is sinking, who is a bigger fool? The guys that believe in it and are battling to keep it afloat, or the ones who believe it is futile, yet not skipping off?
Can you at least speak about what happened in our economy the past years? The opportunities white companies are going to get when the Government unbundles the much talked about multimillion rands State ICT Project?
So the MPs are corrupt, at least we have open and fair media policy.
Your likes keep saying we are the next Zimbabwe, maybe that is what we need. We will rebuild our beautiful country as one united nation after getting rid of the bad foreign elements.
Education. It is pathetic that you address this kind of issue. Can you actually complain about what we term education now, as compared to 20 years back? This country is a result of the system that was in force many years back. Whiners like you should come up with a solution and not keep complaining. What you need is 12 months community service in the poorest communities of this country. With no water, electricity, or should I say no DSTV. Leave the country Andrew. I dare you! And please take your team with.
Mr. Phuti wa ga Mashamaite
The team was rather surprised to learn they had also been shooed off. We had not planned on going anywhere.
Andrew Seldon

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