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Issue Date: November 2000 (es)

Smartcard-based signatures - key to e-commerce

1 November 2000

Security consulting and training specialist Carrick & Associates has partnered with CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, to provide training for the new CompTIA Security+ certification.
Security+ certification represents the first global, vendor-neutral standard for training and certifying employees responsible for computer security - typically individuals with two years of computer networking experience.
"To attain Security+ certification, IT professionals must sit a comprehensive examination that tests them on a wide range of security concepts, including access control, authentication and external attack," explains Clint Carrick, managing director of Carrick & Associates. "Other areas in which they are required to be proficient include operational and organisational security and the basics of cryptography."
According to CompTIA, hardware and software companies and security associations across the world have indicated they will use its Security+ certification as an elective or prerequisite to their more senior-level security certification programmes. "Development of the exam was well underway prior to 9/11, but the development (typically 18 to 24 months for a major certification) was ramped up because of sudden and heightened awareness that organisations large and small must rapidly train and hire certified security professionals," said John Venator, president and CEO, CompTIA.

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